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Treatment is provided in a safe, supportive environment using a fun, engaging play-based approach. It is through play and the supportive relationship within play that skills are developed, and self-esteem and mental well-being are fostered. It is through this process that children are empowered to achieve their greatest level of success and independence, so they can participate in life with confidence.

Intake Meeting

All services start with an intake meeting with the family. This enables us to gather background information, discuss concerns, and collaborate a plan of action. Not all children require a comprehensive assessment before starting treatment, however, all children must participate in a screening assessment. The screening assessment enables us to better understand the child’s developmental strengths and needs, from which functional goals are established collaboratively with the family and a care plan is organized. The care plan is a working document that guides intervention and is used to monitor the child’s progress throughout therapy. Standardized and/or nonstandardized assessments may be used within the treatment sessions as needed to guide intervention in response to the child’s progress and changing needs.


Sessions are typically booked in blocks of intervention. There is no financial commitment to do so; it is simply a way to secure a consistent day/time that works best for the family, as we know that predictable routines are best for all!

Skills Addressed

Our expertise falls within the areas of sensory processing, self-regulation, praxis, sensorimotor development and challenging behaviour. We are highly skilled at using a supportive relationship to promote regulation, social engagement and a sense of trust and security, to help reduce anxiety and support learning and skill development.

Depending on the child’s therapy goals, treatment may include strengthening skills in the areas of:

  • Sensory processing skills
  • Self-regulation skills (physical, emotional, cognitive, social)
  • Social engagement and social development
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Dynamic Core
  • Self-care activities (dressing, toileting, hygiene, sleep)
  • Feeding
  • Play
  • School Readiness
  • Written communication (printing, cursive, keyboarding, organization of thought)
  • Organizational skills