McGillivray & Associates OT4KIDS provides assessment, treatment and consultation to promote success and independence within the following areas:

  • Daily Living Skills – Feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, daily routines and chores
  • School Performance – attention, organizational skills, fine motor skills, written communication skills (printing, writing, keyboarding), productivity and self-confidence
  • Play Skills – Gross and fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and social/emotional development
  • Self Regulation Skills – Sensory processing skills, attention, motivation, self-monitoring, and behaviour management
  • Social Skills – Self-awareness, social understanding, and social interactions



Standardized testing and/or informal observations are used to determine the issues underlying the child’s difficulty. Assessments may include a developmental assessment, an environmental assessment, a sensory processing assessment, a writing needs assessment and/or an assessment for equipment needs. Equipment may be recommended to support the child’s physical and/or sensory needs (e.g. hand splints, weighted products).


Direct intervention is provided individually or within a small group setting to facilitate skill development within the identified areas of need. Our well educated and highly trained staff use evidenced based and/or “best” practices in a fun and engaging manner to optimize the child’s success and independence.


Education, training and ongoing monitoring are provided to the family through consultation. Collaboration with community partners is encouraged with family consent.