Treatment Areas

Our clinicians at OT4KIDS may address a variety of different skills depending on the child’s areas of need:

  • Fine Motor Skills – Ability to manipulate objects for play, self-care and school-related activities. Skills may include muscle strength, hand dominance, dexterity, eye-hand coordination and bilateral hand coordination.
  • Gross Motor Skills – Ability to move, play and explore the environment safely. Skills may include muscle strength, postural control, balance, motor planning and motor coordination.
  • Visual Perceptual Skills – Ability to interpret what is seen and to coordinate the motor output. These skills provide the foundation for early literacy and math skills, and are crucial for reading, printing, geometry and copying from the blackboard.
  • Sensory Processing Skills – Ability to process information received through our senses and to use the information to organize our behaviour. This skill affects all areas of functioning – most importantly, the ability to regulate our behaviour and emotions.
  • Self-Regulation Skills – Ability to attain, maintain and change arousal levels appropriate for the task or situation. This skill affects one’s ability to shift focus, tolerate frustration, monitor and modify emotions and behaviours, and access higher cognitive functioning (problem solving, critical thinking, organization). Self-regulation is crucial for learning.
  • Organizational Skills – Ability to plan, sequence and execute daily activities in an organized manner. Skills include attention, memory, sequencing, motor planning and higher cognitive functioning.